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Tree Pruning - Essential Task for Maintenance of Tree’s Health

Tree pruning can be carried out for a variety of reasons. In order to remove the obstructing low branches or reduce the height of trees, one needs to perform this task professionally and with utmost care. Besides this, you may also need to remove a diseased tree, so that it does not harm the others around it. Moreover, trimming of trees is essential to thin the crown and permit better air circulation.

Best time to prune trees is during the winters or late fall. Performing the task during this period prevents the sap loss and reduces subsequent stress to trees. Besides this, the chances of fungus or insect infection also reduce. The pruned parts are more likely to increase the vulnerability of the trees to insects and many types of diseases. Performing this job in excess might adversely affect the trees.

Tools play a pivotal role in performing tree pruning. It is essential to buy good affordable tools. One needs to keep them in good condition. Some of the common tools available in the market include pole lopper, rope saws, portable buck saws and many others.

Once you finish this task, it is essential to disinfect these tools. One could dip these tools in solution of 1 part of dip to 9 parts of water. Tree diseases could spread by using dirty or infected tools.

Tree felling is quite dangerous and thus, it can be dealt by hiring professionals to do the needful. It becomes very important to deal with such a situation as soon as possible, as it might cause damage to nearby areas and properties. You will be charged less if a tree to be fell is not around settlements or properties. On the other hand, at places where there is risk of damage to landscape or property around it, trees are cut into smaller pieces and disposed. One could use the cut bark of the trees in many different ways such as firewood.